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Information about Classes

Beginner Classes
The best place to start is at the beginning! So new participants will normally sign up for a Beginner Class, where they will be introduced to the 108 movements of the Taoist Tai ChiĀ® practice.

These classes are once or twice per week and will total 1.5 or 2 hours per week. Most locations offer a variety of class times so that there are opportunities for people to be able to fit a class into their personal schedule.

In addition to your own beginner class, you are welcome to join other beginner classes for extra practice.

It generally takes 3 months to be introduced to the 108 movements of the Taoist Tai ChiĀ® practice, after which, members join a Continuing Class.

There is no pressure to master the movements in three months! At the beginning, the main goal is to start to gently exercise and to relax. We try to keep the atmosphere light and enjoyable, so you can feel comfortable progressing at your own pace.

Continuing Classes
After you have been introduced to the 108 movements of the Taoist Tai ChiĀ® practice, it is time to join a Continuing Class.

These classes will help you to practice and explore the health benefits of this art and improve your tai chi set.

Locations typically offer several continuing classes during the week. You may attend any or all of these classes as well as other classes at any other locations where Taoist Tai ChiĀ® arts are offered.

Practice Sessions
Some locations also have Practice sessions, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy practicing the Taoist Tai ChiĀ® arts and related exercises with other members.
Seniors Classes
Seniors are welcome (but not required) to join Senior Classes where they are available. These classes are identical to regular continuing classes, except the pace is slower.
Health Recovery Classes
In Health Recovery Classes, people who are unable to follow along in other classes have the opportunity to work at their own pace. Movements in these classes may be adapted according to the specific needs of students, including those who have difficulty walking or standing.

If you are interested in Health Recovery classes, you may also be interested in learning about the Health Recovery Program at the International Taoist Tai Chi Centre in Orangeville, Ontario.

For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions page on our International Website.
While every reasonable effort is made to maintain the accuracy of class scheduling information on this website, it cannot be guaranteed. Please phone to confirm before you attend the first class.